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Who you can talk to
Lucas Trent Vinson KBR Employee shot in Iraq by US Soldier

"Let me be clear, there's a new sheriff in town"
"Hilda Solis will demand to be heard," Joe Biden said. "Ladies and
gentlemen, why do I repeat that?
We have not heard much from this department
Dropping the DBA Ball

Labor Department does little to help contractors
The Labor Department, which runs the system, required by a law
known as the Defense Base Act, has exercised little oversight over the
treatment provided to foreign workers. Despite promises to better
enforce labor laws and widespread agreement that the contractor
health care system is costly and ineffective  Labor Secretary Hilda
Solis has largely
avoided interviews and meetings with
contractor groups seeking to reform the system.

Labor Dept Slow to Help War Zone Contractors
by T. Christian Miller

But there is plenty of time to sponsor and attend
Conferences heavily weighed against them
Loyola Annual Longshore Conference 2010-  
Overwhelmingly for the Defense again

Eight US Civilians Killed in Afghanistan Blast likely CIA
employees and or contractors

Dane Clark Paresi, Former SF, Killed in CIA bombing Khost
Jeremy Wise, Former Seal from VA Beach Killed in Khost
Harold Brown, Fairfax Va, State Contractor?, Killed in Khost
Scott Michael Roberson Killed in CIA Suicide Bombing

Pentagon Study Proposes Overhaul of Defense Base Act to
Cover Care for Injured Contractors

Congressman Elijah Cummings Announces Plan to Reform
US System to Care for Injured Contractors
by T. Christian Miller Propublica

Sometimes It's Not Your War, But You Sacrifice Anyway

Tangiers International and the Department of Labor

Congratulations Merlin Clark
Blown up in Iraq six years ago today  
July 7, 2003 and  
still getting screwed over by CNA

AIG and CNA Face Hearing on Denial of Medical Claims by Contractors
Injured in Iraq and Afghanistan
by T Christian Miller at Propublica

CNA's Claim Adjusters and DoL District Directors

The DBA X Files
Unravelling the mysteries of the abducted PTSD Cases

The MOST BIZARRE decisions by ALJ's and more

Don't Contractor Casualties count when we calculate the costs of war

Arlington National Cemetery caisson carries the body of retired Air Force
Col. Michael W. Butler, who was killed while working as a private contractor
in Iraq. (2007 Photo By Charles Dharapak -- Associated Press)

Pentagon’s IG to Examine AIG Insurance Provided to Private
Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan
by T. Christian Miller, ProPublica - May 21, 2009
The Defense Department's inspector general [1] is preparing a possible
audit to examine allegations that inadequate oversight by federal officials
allowed AIG and other major carriers to deny medical benefits due civilian
contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kucinich to probe AIG denial of  DBA workmans compensation claims

Military Fails to Collect From AIG for Care to Injured
by T Christian Miller  

Dropping the DBA Ball
No wonder AIG and CNA are able to get away with murder!

KBR has blocked MS Sparky from their servers

AIG, Their IME, PTSD, the saga never ends

Could it be true CNA is worse than AIG?

How CNA treats Foreign Claimants

Injured War Zone Contractors fight for benefits on
Democracy Now

Fuller killed in Afghanistan

Cummings Requests Congressional Hearing
on AIG Denying Claims
for Civilians Injured in Iraq, Afghanistan

Washington, DC—Today, Congressman Elijah E. Cummings
(D-Md.), a senior member of the House Committee on
Oversight and Government Reform, sent a letter (text below)
to Domestic Policy Subcommittee Chairman Dennis J.
Kucinich (D-Ohio) requesting a hearing to examine a recent
investigation by the Los Angeles Times, ABC News, and ProPublica.
According to the investigation, AIG and other insurance companies have
been unnecessarily denying and prolonging serious health insurance claims
of civilian contractors who were injured or killed while participating in U.S.
combat activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Text of letter here

Injured war zone contractors fight to get care
Reporting from Los Angeles and Washington — Civilian workers who
suffered devastating injuries while supporting the U.S. war effort in Iraq and
Afghanistan have come home to a grinding battle for basic medical care,
artificial limbs, psychological counseling and other services.
The insurance companies responsible for their treatment under taxpayer-
funded policies have routinely denied the most serious medical claims.
Those insurers -- primarily American International Group (AIG) -- recorded
hundreds of millions of dollars in profits on this business.

Contractors Wounded in War Return Home
to Fight AIG , CNA, and ACE/ESIS

Blind Amputee Has to Fight AIG for New Plastic Leg, Wheelchair
While Executives Get Bonuses, John Woodson Gets
"Cheapest They Could Get Away With"

"I am under a lot of pressure to not diagnose PTSD"
A secret recording reveals the Army may be pushing its medical staff not to
diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder. The Army and Senate have ignored
the implications.
"He also received pressure not to properly diagnose traumatic brain
Read this story at Salon

Tale of the secret Army tape
After a soldier taped a psychologist saying he'd been pressured not to
diagnose PTSD, the Army launched an investigation. Read the details of how
the Army declared itself innocent.

Iraq: Key Figures since the war began

Is the DBA going to pay for the CANCER contractors are getting
now and will continue to get for many years to come due to toxic
exposures in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Pentagon Curbs use of Hexavalant Chromium
Escalating health concerns prompt virtual ban of
chemical, often called sodium dichromate.

The Department of Labor and the AOLJ's  and their benefits review boards
cannot bury their heads in the sand when it comes to
Here in the real world they are fact

Better brain trauma testing called for in Iraq
Traumatic Brain Injury for the contractor

"CNA denies TBI Screening to Bomb Blast Survivor
He needs to provide medical evidence that he has TBI
in order to be screened for TBI
This bomb blast survivor was put back together at Walter Reed where they
admittedly were avoiding screening for TBI
DoD delays brain trauma screening

In another case
"Thompson says his claim for treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder
was denied by American International Group Inc., or AIG, the insurance
company for KBR, on the grounds that there was not enough medical
evidence of his trauma.

In another case
AOLJ Kennington, the benefits review board, the appeals judge all
agree that it was not dangerous enough in Iraq in 2003 and 2004 for
someone to get PTSD
Maybe their asses should have been over there
check out the security reports at the X Files

Meltdown 101: AIG, five months into its bailout

Judicial systems not exempt from corruption
read story here

Administrative Law Judge William Dorsey
Deals Blow to
Blackwater Families
Injured contractors and the families of those killed have
to follow the law and pay taxes but not the contract

The ruling speaks for itself," said Blackwater general
counsel Andy Howell in a statement.

"It is reassuring to see the purpose and intent of the
Defense Base Act upheld." story here

So the purpose and intent of the Defense Base Act is to allow
the contract company to lie and put their employees in
harms way without the most minimal required protection
going against their own SOP's, their own rules

The DBA is a license to be negligent
Only the dead, injured, and other taxpayers will pay for it.

The taxpayer might feel more adamantly about this if they
knew how much they were paying for Blackwaters
Check out this link below

Contractor Taxes
We are collecting your tax questions and having
them answered by professionals Check out our
taxes page  We will be updating rapidly

Houston lawsuit blames Halliburton, KBR in Iraq Death
KBR denies responsibility in trucker's 2007 death at Camp Anaconda

May 18, 2008

To: Members of the Committee on Oversight and
Government Reform
Fr: Majority Staff, Committee on Oversight and
Government Reform

Insurance companies (AIG) have made underwriting profits of nearly
$600 million in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The DBA program is significantly more lucrative for the insurance
companies than other workers' compensation insurance.

The high costs of workers' compensation insurance under the DBA
program inflates the fees paid to private contractors in Iraq.

Other features of the DBA program increase costs to taxpayers.

The DBA insurers (AIG, CNA) frequently delay or deny
payment on claims from injured employees.

In disputed cases, the insurers also receive reimbursement for
their costs (LAWYERS FEES) in contesting claims

Since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began, insurance companies
participating in the
Defense Base Act program have made record profits, receiving
premium payments from the federal government
in much larger amounts than the
claims they are paying out.

Former AIG Vice President  Sentenced to 4 Years

Tangiers International LLC  or
Tangiers International Ltd?
Has AIG  hired out your
DBA medical services to an
Does the Department of Labor care about this ?

DBA Insurance carriers  file LS207's on 70% of DBA claims.
Notice of Controversion of Right to Compensation delaying
compensation. LS-207 lets both the DOL and employee know no
benefits will be paid until an investigation into the reported incident is
completed and any unknown factors resolved.
Defense Department Establishes Civilian
Expeditionary Workforce
WASHINGTON, Jan. 27, 2009 – The Defense Department is forming a
civilian expeditionary workforce that will be trained and equipped to
deploy overseas in support of military missions worldwide, according
to department officials.

Paula Loyd Dies from burns at Brooke Army Medical Center
(Acinetobacter baumannii headquarters)

Check out our new Frequently Asked Questions Page
Send us your questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Happy New Year!
Workman Comp Insider Greatest Hits of 2008

Bullshit as Science/ A test for malingerers
The Fake Bad Scale
AIG: Farewell, My (Not-So) Lovely?
AIG allowed to raid money set aside for your claims before
the bail out
Contractors vs employees: KBR and Blackwater shell games
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Not in This Army!
Independent Contractor or Employee?
These and more at WCI

Answer to our most frequently asked question
Defense Base Act Lawyer,
Defense Base Act Attorney
The insurance company must pay for your lawyer,
Choose carefully but do it immediately.
Your future, your families future, will be in their hands.
The Department of Labor is NOT on your side.

Tangiers has a deal with the Department of Labor?
From Tangiers Website
"Our medical mission in Iraq is to provide the best care
possible to our patients and the
most up-to-date complete
information as possible to our clients."

Remember that as the injured contractor you are not the client.  It is
Tangiers job to handle you and your injuries as cheaply as possible for
the client, the insurance company.  The information they are providing
the insurance company may be used AGAINST you when you try to
get the compensation the DBA was meant to provide you.

"The U.S. Department of Labor using Tangiers International
as the primary DBA provider and Third Party Administrator
(TPA), where we handle dozens of claims each month."

Claim, that's you, the injured contractor.  
You are a claim to them, not a person.
From Tangiers site

So you thought you made an agreement, possibly a
stipulation agreement or have been offered a
Despite what the lawyers say you haven't seen a dime
or even the paperwork
The excuses are many and would be amusing if lives
weren't in the balance

This is standard procedure and the Department of Labor
is allowing it to happen
Who is determining policy at the DoL?
Is it Miranda Chiu, U.S. Dept. of Labor, Chief, Branch of
Policy, Regulations and
who used to work for Roger Levy?

No one is getting paid unless they want to shut you and
your case up
How about some of that

Defense Attorneys allowed to burn up taxpayers dollars
by denying and delaying cases
In fact one DBA case from early July of 2003
(you know back when it wasn't a war yet or the war was over, whichever)
is still being stalled, denied, and delayed.....
It will be well into 2009 before it's even looked at again
email me and I'll tell you about it
Anyone know of an older case from Iraq?

U.S. aid worker killed in tribal area
The slaying of American aid worker Stephen Vance in the
northwest city of Peshawar on Wednesday was thought to be
the first targeted killing...
Vance, a contractor for the U.S. Agency for International
Development, was shot dead along with his Pakistani driver
on his way from his
home to his office. He was overseeing a high-
profile U.S. development program for Pakistan's tribal area and lived in
Peshawar with his wife and five children.
 Read story here
Vance's assailants blocked his vehicle in a narrow lane with their own
car, then opened fire at close range with automatic weapons, an official
said. Vance did not travel in an armored car because he was a
to the government's development agency, not an employee
read more here

The U.S. government’s tough-love approach to troubled
American International Group is at an end.
On Monday, American International Group (nyse: AIG - news - people )
was up 27.5%, to $2.69, just after the market opened Monday, after it
announced that it had renegotiated the onerous terms of its $85.0
billion taxpayer-funded credit facility and secured an extra $27.0 billion
in government money, bringing total borrowings to a whopping $150.0
billion. News of extra help from Uncle Sam followed the insurer posting
a stunning $24.5 billion loss in the third quarter as losing bets related
to credit default swaps and other financial products continue to
Read Full Story here

Detailed new book offers deep drama of Cote saga
Low rescue priority, details of death cited

Loews to Inject $1.25 Billion Into CNA Insurance Unit

AIG Borrows 90.3 Billion from Federal Reserve

Briton, South African shot dead in Afghan capital

"What happens when Titan Corporation goes to war,
and its Insurance Company, AIG, doesn't want to pay for
injured translators?"

From Problem Lawyers

He tries to prove that being hit in the helmet with a bullet from friendly-
fire, and being knocked unconscious immediately after with the butt of
a friendly rifle, then being pulled unconcious out of a burning Humvee,
and left in a tent without medical treatment, HAS NOTHING TO DO
that neither L-3 Titan Corporation nor AIG has any obligation to
continue disability benefits or medical benefits for the wounded man.

This is exactly what is happening in the case of Mazin Al-Nashi of San
Diego, who was injured in August 2003 while working as a translator in
Mr. Tony Walker, AIG WorldSource's attorney (San Francisco, CA) is
also helping these enormous corporations avoid the obligations to
Where, then, do all the billions of dollars that taxpayers gave to TITAN
(now known as L-3 Communications Titan Group), and, indirectly, to
AIG, end up? Apparently, Levy and Walker think they should end up in
the pockets of stockholders and CEOs who have risked nothing for
The questioning of Mazin Al-Nashi by these lawyers during a hearing
on October 23 and 24, 2006 before Administrative Judge Gee was so
brutal that Mazin ended up in intensive care shortly afterward.
Mazin had no legal representation."
Why did neither of these knowledgable attorneys tell Mazin that he is
provided legal representation under the Defense Base Act???
His wife is asking for financial help so she can pay a lawyer. Click on
the Casualty of War blog at
Problem Lawyers
Titan worker claims he was abandoned in Iraq

Treasury to Extend Bailout Funds to Insurance
CNA's financial report is due out on October 27
Do you think they are looking for a piece of the pie?
The Treasury Department is working on ways to broaden its $700
billion bank rescue program to help insurance companies that are a
critical backstop to a wide range of deals, bond issues and
leasing arrangements, sources familiar with the matter said.

Treasury is worried that insurance companies, many of which report
earnings next week, could face similar fates as American International
as the credit crisis worsens, triggering a new wave of problems
for the financial markets. AIG nearly collapsed last month when it was
overwhelmed by losses from real estate investments and derivatives,
requiring massive government loans of more than $123 billion. It has
already burned three-quarters of that.
A wide range of deals like keeping contractors in the
War Zones
Full Story here

Defense Base Act Conference - Part I
by Susie Dow
In 70% of overseas cases, an insurance carrier or self-insured
employer often file an LS-207, Notice of Controversion of Right to
Compensation delaying compensation. FS-207 lets both the DOL and
employee know no benefits will be paid until an investigation into the
reported incident is completed and any unknown factors resolved.

An overseas employee should subsequently expect the
delay as a matter of routine.
Go to Susie's story at ePluribus Media

US commandos rescue American hostage near
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — U.S. Special Forces soldiers freed a
kidnapped American working for the Army Corps of Engineers during
a nighttime mission last week — a rare hostage rescue in a country
where ransom abductions have become increasingly common.

The American, who had been working on U.S. government-funded
infrastructure projects, was abducted in mid-August and had been
held just 30 miles west of Kabul with no public notice of his abduction.
The dangerous mission to free the U.S. contractor killed several
insurgents, U.S. officials told The Associated Press.

Taliban militants have kidnapped several international aid workers and
journalists in recent years and have been paid large ransoms or
negotiated the release of imprisoned Taliban fighters in exchange.

Department of Labor
Sponsors DBA seminar for your employers and their lawyers

Speakers are AIG's and CNA's Attorneys
Will they be teaching "client control" ?
As in " have you no client control !! "
The NEW DBA Guidebook,
wait till you see who wrote this,
is free with your $450 registration fee
OK, they keep removing his name from the links
Roger A Levy
(representing CNA and AIG)
is Editor in Chief of the
NEW DBA Guidebook
Co Authors
David C. Barnett
Roger D. Ellickson
Keith L. Flicker
Richard L. Garelick
David M. Linker
William B. Newton
Mark L. Schaffer
Michael Thomas
Special Note
Joshua T. Gillelan II
One of the best DBA Plaintiff's Attorneys wrote a chapter in
this book which is accurate.

Sign up here
Unless you can't afford it because your a
Modern Day DBA Casualty
"Who Should Attend This Program? This program is
designed to benefit defense contractors and contracting
officers, human resources professionals, insurance brokers,
risk managers, claims adjusters, and attorneys."

If you are working a State Department or Army Corps of
Engineers overseas contract
CNA is your DBA insurance carrier
You may hear little about them but they are denying and
delaying claims as ruthlessly as AIG

AIG gets additional
38 Billion bailout while
Contractor casualties continue to get the shaft

Henry Waxman, who chairs the House committee on
oversight and government reform, said:
"The money that's gone into waste, fraud and abuse under
these contracts is just so outrageous, it's egregious. "It may
well turn out to be the largest war profiteering in history."

AIG  and Tangiers International

Now you won't have to go any farther than Baghdad to
be denied medical treatment !!
Or at least your first choice of doctor

SLIEMA, Malta, Sept 21, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --
Tangiers International Ltd., a global provider of Insurance
Support Services, announces the opening of Medical Support
Services and facilities in Baghdad, Iraq for contractors
covered under the Defense Base Act.

AIG and the Defense Base Act Insurance

AIG carries the DBA Insurance for 90% of the Iraq
and Afghanistan US contracts

No company deserves to go under more than AIG
They've greedily collected untold amounts of money from the US
Government via cost reimbursable coverage required under the
Defense Base Act
and paid out only miserly amounts to the injured contract employees if
they pay them at all.

Congressional Budget Office
Contractors' support of US Operations in Iraq

Report:  Iraq Contracts have cost billions  AP
The use of contractors "restricts accountability and oversight; opens
the door to corruption and abuse; and, in some instances, may
significantly increase the cost to American taxpayers," Conrad said in
a statement.
Military contracts in the Iraq theater have cost taxpayers at least $85
billion, and when it comes to providing security, they might not be any
cheaper than using military personnel, according to a report released

Use of Iraq Contractors Costs Billions, Report Says
by James Risen the NY Times
WASHINGTON — The United States this year will have spent $100
billion on contractors in Iraq since the invasion in 2003, a milestone
that reflects the Bush administration’s unprecedented level of
dependence on private firms for help in the war, according to a
government report to be released Tuesday.   The report, by the
Congressional Budget Office, according to people with knowledge of its
contents, will say that one out of every five dollars spent on the war in Iraq
has gone to contractors for the United States military and other government
agencies, in a war zone where employees of private contractors now
outnumber American troops
Related stories by James Risen  click here

Contractors, 202,000, outnumber troops,186,000, in Iraq and
Afghanistan (WSJ)

Contractor Injured After IED Explosion In Iraq

Justin D. English, 25
A former Springdale firefighter and emergency medical technician died
Monday, a week after arriving in Iraq to work as an independent contractor
providing fire and emergency services."They were in an armored car when
the IED went off," said Janet English, Justin's aunt, as she fought back sobs
in a telephone interview. "He had just been there over a week. He didn't
even have time to send us an e-mail address so we could keep in touch with
 read story here

Contractor's mysterious death leaves his widow
wondering "why"

TUMWATER — The telephone connection from Iraq was startlingly clear. But
Michelle Cook barely recognized her husband's voice. High-pitched and
squeaky, as if he had inhaled helium.
"Michelle, Michelle, Michelle," Gordon Cook said, over and over again.
"Where are the kids? I love you, Michelle, Michelle."

Then the line went silent.

A day later, on July 2, 2006, Michelle Cook learned that her husband, an
American contractor stationed at a remote post along the Syrian border, had
been killed.
The circumstances of Gordon Cook's death remain unclear two years later.  
Full Story here

US Embassy Staff Killed In Iraq
Four Americans -- two soldiers and two civilians from the
Defense (and State departments (Steve Farley) -- were killed
Tuesday in a blast that rocked a municipal building in Baghdad's Sadr City

read here
"He told us just last week he was informed that he had a million dollar price
tag on his head and that obviously didn't sit well with us," Brett Farley said.
"The same day, he had three sniper shots hit his truck."

Nicole Suveges, a graduate student in political science who was working in
Iraq as a civilian, was among four Americans killed an explosion Tuesday in
the offices of the district council in the critical Sadr City section of Baghdad

The United States US Department of Labor DOL
Just whose best interest are they working in?

Why was the author of this website blocked from
the DoL DBA public webpages for two days?

Modification of Hearing Policy on Defense Base Act Cases
Originating in a War Zone
read here

American Contractors in Iraq
4th Annual Contractors Conference 2008
Coming to Orlando Florida
Dates to be announced
Join us to learn more about:
Other diseases endemic to Iraq and Afghanistan
DBA Resources and Trends
Legal Resources
How do you know if your lawyer is working on your case ?
Talk with DBA Attorneys
Supplemental Insurance
Medical Care
Employment Contracts
Please contact us if your interested in attending    
321 779  6799

Iraq deal with US to end immunity for foreign contractors
Washington, 18 June 2008 (The Independent)
The US has accepted that foreign contractors in Iraq will no longer have
immunity from Iraqi law under a new security agreement now under
negotiation, says the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari.

Blackwater and the US Military's Middle East Crusade for
read story here

KBR tells new employees during orientation in Houston that
they gave
Tommy Hamill one million dollars for his claim.
Maybe they forgot to send him the check?

KBR Workers caught up in quagmire
Good Friday Massacre
At issue is whether by questioning KBR's decision to send
drivers into harm's way, the former workers are actually
challenging military decisions or second-guessing their employer's
Military decisions can't be reviewed by a court of law. Workplace issues
can.  Read story here

Iraq Contractor Tax Loophole Closed
Congress acts to close one of the more ridiculous tax loopholes being
exploited by some of the biggest war profiteers:
"once the bill is signed into law, some companies will try to classify the
employees as independent contractors, a move that would place the sole
responsibility for paying those taxes on the worker."
This is, of course, those that haven't already done it.
read this at American Nonsense

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Not in this Army!
Norma Perez is a psychologist who leads the post-traumatic stress disorder
(PTSD) program at a medical facility for veterans in Temple, Texas. As we
read in the Washington Post, she is pretty busy with claims. Given that
veterans with a PTSD diagnosis are eligible for up to $2,527 a month in
disability benefits, she came up with a great way to reduce caseloads and
save money: stop making the diagnosis.
DBA defense lawyer's paid for doctors are doing the same thing.
read here
Pentagon workers' comp plan blasted
Waxman said the Pentagon won't revise its approach, even though other
audits have shown that the "Defense Department model doesn't work."
"What makes the situation even worse is the people this program is
supposed to benefit -- the injured employees working for contractors --
have to fight the insurance companies to get their benefits. Delays and
denials in paying claims are the rule," he said.
read here

Defense Base Act Insurance:
Are Taxpayers Paying Too Much?
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
Thursday, May 15, 2008, 10:00 AM at
2154 Rayburn House Office Building
Update:  Much of the data provided to the committee was "estimated"
and provided by the insurance companies themselves and none of the
numbers were fact checked.

The American public deserves much more after months and months of

Data provided to the committee states:
This data indicates that of 108 disputed claims that have appeared before
this Department of Labor office, there were only five cases where the
injured contractors claim was denied.
80% of PTSD cases are denied

Civilian Contractor killed in Afghanistan Wed May 7 2008
Michael Vinay Bhatia, a native of Medway, died in a bomb blast in
read here

The two civilian contractors died Friday (May 9,2008)
when rockets slammed into the US-led coalition's base near Basra's
international airport, wounding eight others
read here

Soldier Suicides could trump war tolls
read here
What if we added the contractor suicides?

Combat Support Associates, CSA Ltd
dodges taxes for a decade
read here

MPRI dodges taxes offshore but how many of their casualties
have been covered by the DBA?

As an American contract employee working for one of these
companies not paying SS and Medicare you are still
responsible for paying these taxes along with the equal
amount that your employer would have paid PLUS Fines and
Interest if you don't file voluntarily and on time.

Louisville Contractor killed in Iraq
Maria Lockard says 46-year-old Jim Lockard was in Iraq working for a
contractor overseeing the rebuilding of Iraqi schools and hospitals. She told
The Courier-Journal he had been working there for about three years and
planned to come home in July for good.
She says her husband seldom left his office but apparently had gone out to
see one of his completed projects.
story here

Bullshit as Science:  The Fake Bad Scale
A test for Malingerers
Read here
and here
Criticism of Defense Malingering Test Gaining National
SEII Employees sue for exposure
to toxic materials in Iraq
read here

Is DBA Law being interpreted to the detriment of the contract
employee to help cover up the true cost of the war?

Are you an independent contractor or
an employee?
Click here to find out what it means to you

contact us
Dark Side
of the
Defense Base Act
DBA Insurance

When you sign on to go to
Iraq or Afghanistan or any
other foreign country as a
US Government contract
employee your employer is
required by  law  to
purchase DBA Worker's
Compensation Insurance
coverage for you.  It does
not matter how many
subcontractor's  down the
line or what your nationality

This insurance is extremely
inadequate if you are even
able to pry the benefits out
of the insurance company
and some companies are
now providing
supplemental policies.  If
the company you are
thinking of going to work
for does not offer this as an
option then go to work for
another company.  If you
already work for a company
that has not provided you
with supplemental
!!!!!!    QUIT NOW    !!!!!!!
You will have no choice but  
to use this insurance if you
are injured.

Keep in mind that DBA
insurance is cost
reimbursable to your
employer.  That means they
are reimbursed the cost of
this insurance.  Don't let
them tell you they cannot
afford to pay for both

DBA is not health, medical,
or life insurance and your
family will not be covered at
If your health fails and you
must leave you will not be
You will not be entitled to
Cobra because you weren't
covered under a group
policy with your company.

You are entitled to private
medical evacuation though
you may not get it.  Your
medical care may be
covered, or it may not be.   
You may receive partial
compensation for your lost
income up to $1,047.16 per
week, or you may not.   
Your family may be
compensated in the event
that you are killed, or they
may not.
Your death or lost wage
benefits may be based on
the 52 weeks prior to your
injury or death.  If you are
injured or killed a few
months into a higher wage
the insurance company will
try to base your benefits on
your previous earnings.

There will be a myriad of
expenses you and your
family WILL incur that will
NOT be covered.

If you bring home an
infectious disease endemic
to Iraq, Afghanistan or the
military evacuation system
and pass it on to your
family they are not covered
by anyone.

If you suffer from PTSD you
may have to take legal
action before they will pay
for treatment.  If you die due
to PTSD before being
diagnosed your family will
receive nothing.

The "Exclusive Remedy"
clause in this insurance
relieves the company you
work for of ALL liability for
your death, injury, disease,
or capture and from
litigation by you or your
dependents.  There are no
OSHA standards to abide
by, no Standard Operating
or Safety Procedures that
need to be followed.   

There is no compensation
for pain and suffering due
to negligence on anyone's
part.  You will have signed
away many of what you
might normally consider to
be your rights.

You may be left with
permanent disabilities and a
much lower earning
capacity than before you
went.  Your family may be
left in a much worse
financial position than you
think you are in now.
You may have large medical
bills left unpaid for years as
there is nothing that says
the insurance company has
to pay them in a timely

If you die for any reason
once your case is
stipulated  the payments
will stop and your family will

The insurance company
may be reimbursed for all or
part of the claim under the
War Hazards Act.  One of
the requirements for
reimbursement is that they
do their best to prove that
you are not entitled to

Your life, your medical care,
your finances, will be out of
your control.

Unless you are already
financially secure for the
rest of your and your
families lives,  going to Iraq
or Afghanistan is risky for
more reasons than you
might be considering.

You too could be a

We hope that the links on
our site will help you and
your family make an
informed decision.  

Marcie Hascall Clark
321 779 6799

Dark Side
of the
War Hazards

Why has this link
been removed?

Department of Labor
Defense Base Act

The dark side of having the
cases reimbursed under the
War Hazards Act, is that
once a determination is
made that the claim will fall
under the WHA the claim is
transferred over to a
government bureaucracy,
and is no longer handled by
the OWCP.  
This is a tremendous
problem with regards to
non-death claims.
It is very difficult for an
injured worker to deal with
this large bureaucracy,
if compensation  payments
are late or terminated, or
necessary medical
treatment is not being
authorized, there is very
little that can be done.  
There is no
Department of Labor
claims examiner to assist
him, and it is doubtful
that any attorney would
take the case, because
there is no mechanism
for the attorneys to be paid
for their time and effort.
by Rosa Brooks
When they’re injured or
killed, contractors or their
families often find it
difficult to obtain
healthcare or
compensation. The industry
is poorly monitored and
regulated, and some
contractors have alleged
that their employers
actively misrepresented
employment conditions and
read this story



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Who Pays Your
Defense Base Act
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Never use a DBA Attorney
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from you rather than the
insurance company

Is your lawyer working in
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DME Doctors
Doctors Who Work for
Insurance Companies

Injustice Prevails
Dorothy Sims is
available to depose
your DME Doc's
have your attorney
contact her

Exposing Deceptive
Defense Doctors
By Dorothy Clay Simms

When DMEs Selectively
Report Test Results

Defense doctors often
pick and choose which
test results to include in
their reports, slanting the
report in favor of the
Read more
The Wars Come Home
Our Country's Failure to care for it's War Casualties
Is DBA Law being interpreted to the detriment of the contract
employee to help cover up the true cost of the war?

Eyesslinck vs Ronco Consulting/CNA Injustice Prevails

Texas District Court Rules Iraq War not Life Threatening

Casualties Not Counted

In Memory of Tim Eysslinck

Wade Dill Casualty Not Counted
The Defense Base Act
The Fine Print

License to Kill
The DBA's Exclusive
KBR win's Appeal of
Fisher vs Halliburton
on the Defense Base Act's
Exclusive Remedy

The Defense Base
Act Compensation
News, discussion, updates
of ongoing DBA issues
important to
Injured Contractors
and their families

Civilian Contractors News
and Views at
Overseas Civilian
you should
know about
The War Inside Your Head
Two Dead, One Injured, One life forever
ruined even if he's not hung
Could this have been prevented?

Danny Fitzsimons was
diagnosed with PTSD
yet still allowed to work in war zone and
carry a weapon
OIA Bomb Suspect Held Without Bail
She also said prosecutors presented evidence that Brown, while a defense contractor last year in Iraq, grabbed an ax and
threatened a female co-worker.

Iraq Afghanistan Blood Fears
An HPA spokeswoman added: "[The six civilian contractors] will be contacted by their GPs and offered
screening and counselling."

Are you an independent contractor or
an employee?
Click here to find out what it means to you

AIG moves Investigations to Iraq
Now they can determine you aren't qualified for benefits before you even leave Iraq

Think your working for KBR?
check this out

Blackwater Dodged Millions in Taxes

Blackwater Hired Guns Above the Law
by Jeremy Scahill
Transcript and Video of testimony before Senate committee

Iraq Needs Contractors
Civilian employees -- many of them foreigners -- now fill crucial support roles once held by soldiers, says a person on the ground.

U.S. troops outnumbered in Iraq — by contractors
by T. Christian Miller  LA Times

More than 180,000 civilians — including Americans, foreigners and Iraqis — are working in Iraq under U.S. contracts, according to State
and Defense department figures obtained by the Los Angeles Times

In outsourced US wars, contractor deaths top 1,000
More than 13,000 wounded
read more

After Iraq, Contractors Face Mental Health Issues
Contractors who have worked in Iraq are returning home with the same kinds of combat-related mental health problems

Iraq Contractors Face Growing Parallel War
As Security Work Increases, So Do Casualties

War, Red Tape Haunt Civilian Workers
An analysis finds a pattern of blocked claims for psychological injuries sustained by contract employees in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Blackwater Heavies Sue Families of Slain Employees for $10 million in attempt to Suppress their stories

Where is Your Outrage?
Blackwater Mom's

Outsourced war lawsuit moved out of court   
“This means that the shadow army (of contractors) will slip even further into the shadows.”

Deniable, Disposable, Casualties
Thousands of civilian contractors serve and die alongside
U.S. forces, with little accountability for the companies that employ them.

Outsourcing the War
Pull the Plug on the Mercenary War
by Jeremy Scahill

Defense Base Act
Workers' Compensation
Injured War Zone Contractors Exclusive Remedy  
 A License to Kill

Before you risk life and limb
 working for a contractor in Iraq or Afghanistan
       you'll want to know how much, or more importantly
                     just how little,
                                    your life and limb are worth under the Defense Base Act

UPDATED for 2013
Overseas Contractor Tax
ExPat Taxes
Another Episode of the DBA X Files Mystery Solved

ALJ Paul C Johnson and Dr John Dorland Griffith
Decision Overturned
by the Benefits Review Board

“Rather, the administrative law judge was to assess the
weight to be accorded to the medical evidence of record,
without substituting his judgment for that of the physicians”

BRB Decision 09-0573

The Benefit Review Board has overturned the ALJ’s denial of
benefits in a noteworthy decision that mirrored many of the
arguments made in an earlier analysis on the DBA X-files. The
decision also reflects a deeper understanding of war-related
trauma absent in the Board’s earlier decisions. Better late than
never, although this is of little consolation to those who had to
pave the way.

Special Thanks to the X Files Crew at
American Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan
Linda Norgrove, USAID DAI Worker
Killed by her Captors in Afghanistan,
changed to friendly fire
Story and updates here
This Year,
Contractor Deaths Exceed
Military Ones in Iraq and Afghanistan
by T Christian Miller at Propublica

Marcie Hascall Clark
an advocate for contract workers, said that contractor deaths and  
injuries reflected contractors’ importance
in fighting the wars.   
“I don’t think most contractors expect to be treated as nobly as our  
soldiers, but they don’t expect to be forgotten, either,” said Hascall
Clark,  who runs a group called

American Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I think there should definitely be some recognition of what
they do.”
AIG's Fab Four Defense Medical Doctors
take another hit
Dr Bryan Drazner sanctioned and denied renewal of
medical license
CNA Defense Base Act  Insurance Company's
Latest Representative
CNA hires Kevin Woods
Double Agent and Convicted
to spy on
Injured South African
War Zone Contractors

read more here
Two New PTSD Suicides This Week

Two contractors with severe PTSD took their lives within five days.
Both were former DynCorp Employees covered under the
Defense Base Act by CNA Insurance
These were two very preventable deaths
read more here
CNA Finally recommended for Criminal Investigation
Read here
Class Action Tax Misclassification Filed Against
Years of misrepresenting employees as independent
contractors for tax purposes
but as employees for purchasing DBA Insurance
CNA may owe US Gov as much as
$58.5 Billion
US Engineer, James W “Will” Coker
remains found in Afghanistan initial reports claim beheading
read here
Let's refresh ourselves on the status of the Defense
Base Act Insurance plunder and the Department of
Labor's culture of compliance with them
This hearing is over two years old and nothing has
changed for the better
Injured War Zone Contractors
File Class Action Lawsuit
Defense Base Act
Insurance Companies and Employers

Brink vs CNA et al

“This abusive and illegal scheme by the defendants has been
allowed to go on for too long.
We are talking about loss of life, suicide, loss of homes,
marriages, families split up, “ Bloch said,
“and the culprits are the large government contractors who
should have treated their employees better,
and the mega-insurance companies who were paid a hefty sum
to make sure the employees were
taken care of with uninterrupted benefits
in the event of injuries in these war zones.”

Join in our Defense Base Act Class Action here
Wars Risks Shift to Contractors
by Rod Nordland at the New York Times

Marcie Hascall Clark began the Defense Base Act Compensation Blog
after her husband, Merlin, a former Navy explosives ordnance
disposal expert, was injured in 2003 while working for an American
She and her husband have spent the past seven years fighting for
hundreds of thousands of dollars in disability payments and medical

“It was quite a shock to learn how little my husband’s body, mind and
future were worth,” she said.
Elijah Cummings, Ranking Member House Oversight
Introduces Legislation to reform the
Defense Base Act Insurance Program
CNA's Deadly Paper Games

It is certainly going to have the desired result.    
They are going to kill him and it is going to be

and he'll be just another CNA DBA Suicide
CNA DBA Insurance Company
Caught Lying to DoL

DoL District Office in Jacksonville
Presumes Claimants Doctors are Lying
email for documents

Did the DoL and Supreme Group Conspire to Cover
Up the Untimely Claim Filing of nearly 200 Defense
Base Act Claims?

Over 100 DBA Claims filed to an uninsured
employer during the same quarter?
who can it be now.....
Nine Years Ago Today
Still Getting Screwed Over by CNA
Dan Hoaglands Death Sentence at the hands of
AIG's Overly Zealous Defense
Photos Courtesy of Terry Steward
Defense Base Act
Compensation Blog Archives
American Civilian Contractor Killed in
Green on Blue
Christmas Eve in Kabul Afghanistan
Read more here
The problem is not the DBA law
with its generous presumptions in favor of injured
civilians but rather the fact that
the law is disregarded and rampant fraud
in defending these claims is encouraged,
not punished as the Act demands
DBA Widow