Using the Defense Base Act OALJ Claim Look Up   On the right hand side of the above linked OALJ DoL page you will see this form In the one drop down column enter  LDA Option 2: ALJ Decisions by Case Number, Name or Date OALJ Case Number (yyyy/aaa/nnnnn): ACAACMAIRARNBCABCPBLABLBBLOBMIBMOBTDCAACBVCCPCERCETCFPCLACPSCRACTADBADCADCWEPPERAESAFDAFLSFRSHAVINAJSAJSWJTPLCALDALHCLHKMBOMISMSAMSPNHANTSNQWOAAOFCOSHPCAPEDPERPSIPWDRISSCASDWSOCSOXSPASTASWDTAETLCTLNTNETRATSCTSEUIAVETWIAWINWPAWPCWTW Claimant/Complainant: Employer/Respondent: Decision Date (mm/dd/yyyy): If you using … Continue reading

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