Losing Tim

Ten Years Ago Today We lost Tim Eysselinck to PTSD, to RONCO, to the Iraq War, to the lies. The lies continue to this day despite having been made boldly public. Due to the corporate takeover at every level of our government the Government Contract Companies and the DBA Insurance Companies … Continue reading

KBR’s Gag Orders Revealed

“This is mostly about trying to scare someone into not talking,” McCormack said. “It’s very effective to say you will be fired or sued. This is a very big company with lots of resources.” Lawsuit brings to light secrecy statements required by KBR thttp://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/lawsuit-brings-to-light-secrecy-statements-required-by-kbr/2014/02/19/6e2a8818-9998-11e3-b88d-f36c07223d88_story.htmlon One of the nation’s largest government … Continue reading

ALJ Paul C Johnson’s Slashing and Burning of Claimants rights continues

Kennington, Rosenow, and Romero have nothing on this ALJ . Administrative Law Judge Paul C Johnson, who for some unknown but likely diabolical reason , was appointed as Associate Chief Administrative Law Judge after only a few short years as an ALJ, appears to us to be the worst Judge in … Continue reading

Santa Garcia Ramirez, Civilian Contractor, Awarded Defense of Freedom Medal Posthumously

by Nick Blakeman at Washington Technology Another contractor who was killed while working in Afghanistan has joined the ranks of those honored with a Defense of Freedom medal. Earlier this month, Soriah Prokopich, the daughter of Santa Gracia Ramirez, a Pacific Architects and Engineers employee, was presented the medal honoring … Continue reading

My Defense Base Act Attorney Lawyer is not responding to my calls or emails

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 27, 2011 AWOL DBA Attorneys This is a complaint we hear everyday from Injured Contractors. There are different reasons why this may be happening to you but trust that none of them are good. Do not wait to hear from an ALJ or the DoL … Continue reading

At Least Eighty Contractors Dead in First Quarter of 2011

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 4, 2011 Civilian Contractor Casualty Count First Quarter 2011 Contractor Casualties numbers are taken from the DoL’s Defense Base Act Case Summary so only reflect the numbers of Casualties legally reported to the Department of Labor. These numbers reflect Defense Base Act Claims from around … Continue reading

IED Casualties in Afghanistan Spike though still no mention of Contractor Casualties

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 26, 2011 With more contractors in Afghanistan than Troops certainly there is a large number of unreported Civilian Contractor IED Casualties.  Despite the lack of interest in these casualties one would think at least the expense of these hidden casualties should be brought to the … Continue reading

Nine Years Ago Today, Still Getting Screwed Over by CNA

July 7, 2003 Nine years ago you get that phone call you hoped you’d never get But hey they say, not to worry, the insurance company will take care of everything Heart is breaking but not to worry Everything, they say, will be OK Good thing we’ve been paying for … Continue reading

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