Exhibit Emails regarding security situation in Iraq

Exhibit Emails regarding security situation in Iraq

Forwarded Message: Hi and a Question

Hi and a Question

Monday, December 1, 2003 3:59 AM
“Tim Eysselinck” <teysselinck@roncowash.com>
“John Payne”
Hi John,
How are things in SL?  Got to be better than  here.  We are daily now kitting up to go out and BAC.  Let’s see first  I put on my pistol then my body armor (bullet proof vest) then my equipment  vest.  Double check I have my four different IDs and do a check of my cell  phone, sat phone and VHF radio and lastly do I have my smoke grenades, charge my  MP5, and lastly check my G3 and the extra mags for all of the above.  Are  we doing Humanitarian Demining?  Well only a couple of weeks till Christmas  leave–thank god!
Got a call from Tekelwold today.  He can’t find the  Codan that we left in Adigrat.  Do you remember where in the house it  was?  Please let me know asap one way or another.
P.S. Say hello to the family.
Forwarded Message: Threats Against Local Staff.eml

Threats Against Local Staff

Sunday, November 30, 2003 10:36 AM
“Tim Eysselinck” <teysselinck@roncowash.com>
Roncowash Staff names and email addresses removed for privacy
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Over the period of EID there were a number threats made  against our local staff and specifically the leaders.  Threats were made  specifically against the Director, Zahim Mutar, EOD Section Leader Jamal Berdi,  Demining Section Leader Saleh Selman and team leader Ahmed.
Team Leader Ahmed took the threats seriously enough that  he left town.  NFI
Section Leader Saleh lives in a neighborhood which has  three families with ties to the FRL (one is former intelligence, one is former  security and one is a Wahabi sp?).  They began harassing and  threatening him approximately 10 days ago.  Specifically told his 15  year old that they would kill his father unless he stopped working with the  Americans.  On Friday, CF raided and arrested the Wahabi; unfortunately  they jumped from Saleh’s compound in to the Wahabi’s compound.  This gave  the impression that Saleh had called in the Coalition.  The remaining  neighbors then wanted to attack him saying he was the cause of the arrest.   He has moved himself and his family to his father residence and is laying  low.  Hopefully he will be back to work in a couple of days when the  situation has calmed down and his family is safe.
This is all the information we currently  have.

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