Dr John D Griffith to Steve Rubenzer, Thompson Claim

daffodils said

December 16, 2009 at 9:29 pm

This entire DBA system is rotten to the core, and the judges know it and still go along. This email where the AIG pychiatrist Griffith instructs the psychologist to change a psychiatric report is just one more revolting example of what’s going on here:

From: jdgrifflth@poLnet Sent: Thursday, November 09,20064:26 PM To: srubenzer@houston.rr.com Subject: RE: Reports – May I impose on you to rodo your report in tho form suggested. For example: The MMPI scales and indices produced by Mr. Thompson, namely (name scales) are consistent with considerable dramatization, exaqgeration and/or Faking. —Steve Rubenzer, PhD

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