John Martis, United Nations Employee, NATO Accountant killed in Afghanistan Suicide Blast

DaijiWorld  July 4. 2013 John Vikram Martis (34) from Malpe Bailakere near here became a victim of an incident in which a bomb went off on Tuesday July 2 at Afghanistan. Martis, an employee of United Nations Organization, had been deputed to Afghanistan to work as an accountant for North … Continue reading

At Least 44 Civilian Contractor Deaths in First Quarter of 2013, 2,739 Injuries

Please see Civilian Contractor Casualty Count for prior Statistics and Totals WE ARE THE BEST KEPT SECRET OF THE WARS According to the Department of Labor’s Defense Base Act Claim Summary Reports there were at least  44 Civilian Contractor Deaths filed on in the first quarter of 2012. There were at … Continue reading

10 Medical Aid Workers Executed in Afghanistan

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 8, 2010 Slain Workers Undaunted by Risks, Friends Say Dr. Karen Woo Dr. Karen Woo, 36, the lone Briton among the dead, gave up her job with a  private clinic in London to work in Afghanistan. She was planning to leave in a  few weeks … Continue reading

Outrage grows over slaughter of aid workers

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 8, 2010 The international community is widely condemning the recent attack by  militants that left 10 aid workers dead in Afghanistan. NATO’S International Security Force condemned the slaughter, calling it a  “sad and tragic” attack. “From an ISAF point of view, this is a very, … Continue reading

KBR’s Secret Indemnity: The Exclusive Remedy’s Equal, an Unjustifiable License to Kill

KBR Secret Indemnity Agreement Signed By Army Chief Tainted In Enron Scandal   WASHINGTON — The Army official who signed a secret agreement that military contractor KBR claims should burden taxpayers with the bill for the company’s negligent poisoning of U.S. soldiers in Iraq resigned from the military in 2003 … Continue reading

America leaves Iraq a toxic legacy of dumped hazardous materials

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 14, 2010 Times Online Oliver August NY Daily News American troops going home from Iraq after seven painful years are leaving  behind a legacy that is literally toxic. An investigation by The Times in five Iraqi provinces has found that  hazardous material from US bases … Continue reading

Frederick Buttaccio, American hostage in Algerian standoff dead

Huffington Post  January 18, 2013 WASHINGTON — U.S. officials say one American has died in the hostage standoff at an Algerian gas complex. The officials say the deceased American is a Texas resident, Frederick Buttaccio. It is unclear how he died. The officials say Buttaccio’s remains have been recovered and … Continue reading

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