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  2. Injured Back in Iraq 6-7-11 received workers comp from 7-11 to 3-13 had not been released to return to work by my doctor AIG used the FCE physical therapist repot saying I could return to work with no limitation, with that AIG denied my benefits. Had MRI disc bulge from L1-L2 through L5 S1 annular tear L2-L3,
    6mm cyst L5-S1 and much more, however my doctor say he see no ratable impairment to my lumbar spine. He didn’t recommend an FCE they sent me anyway. You try to do the right thing in life support your family obey the law, then you run in to AIG…..

  3. My husband drove a truck in Iraq for 6 years. He thought he had carpel tunnel but it turns out he has herniated discs in his neck. Then his hip went out too – herniated disc in his lower back. All this at Kirkuck. Chartis has given him comp for 18 months, no medical care, and is now cutting off the comp. I don’t know what to do!!!

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