One Brit, One American, One Romanian, Four Nepalese, Three Indian (10) Civilian Contractors killed, 30 Injured in Taliban attack on Supreme Group compound

USA Today July 2, 2013

1372767409000-IMG-2547-1307020924_4_3_rx383_c540x380KABUL — Afghan militants armed with explosives and firearms attacked a NATO compound just outside of Kabul early Tuesday, killing seven people and wounding several others, according to a high-ranking police official.

Business Standard July 3, 2012

On Wednesday, the ministry of external affairs spokesperson identified the three Indians as Sandeep Gilaji, Naveen Kumar Gurudi and Kaushik Chakrabarty.

Both Gilaji and Gurudi were from Andhra Pradesh, with the former working as a waiter, while the latter was a front office manager. The third Indian, Kaushik Chakrabarty from West Bengal, was working as a laundry manager with the private contractor.

The Indian government is helping repatriate the bodies of three Indians, two from Andhra Pradesh and one from West Bengal, who were killed in a Taliban suicide attack a day ago in Afghanistan, an official said Wednesday.

Taliban suicide attackers struck Tuesday at a complex in Kabul’s Pul-e-Charkhi area that housed a firm contracted to offer supplies to NATO forces. The three Indians were among 10 people killed.

Among the others killed were a Scottish security contractor, four Nepali guards and two Afghan drivers.

The Indians killed were: Sandeep Gilaji, who worked as a waiter, Kaushik Chakrabarty, a laundry manager, and Naveen Kumar Gurudi, a front office manager.

Gilaji and Gurudi were from Andhra Pradesh, and Chakrabarty from West Bengal.

“They were among the more than 50 Indians working through a contractor there, providing services in the housing compound,” said external affairs ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin at a briefing here.

“We are in touch with the employer to complete the legal and medical formalities before repatriating the bodies to India,” Akbaruddin said

ITV News

Brit killed in suicide attack

The Foreign Office has confirmed that a British security consultant died in Afghanistan today. Mark Duffus, of Forres in northeastern Scotland, was working for international security management group Blue Hackle.

Fox News July 2, 2013

Taliban suicide attackers who detonated a truck bomb early Tuesday at the  gates of a NATO supplier’s compound in Kabul and sprayed gunfire at security  personnel killed at least 7 people, including an American, a western contractor  familiar with the facility said.

The source has told Fox News that an American civilian and Romanian are among  the dead, and 30 others are injured, seven in critical condition. Afghan  officials say five guards and two civilians were killed in the attack, which  lasted two and a half hours, according to the source.


The New York Times July 2, 2013

The attack took place at 4:30 a.m. when a truck laden with explosives detonated at Camp North Gate, an operation about 24 miles from Bagram Air Base that is primarily used to house employees of the military contractor DynCorp International.

The Himalayan Times

International news agencies, including the AFP, have reported that 10 persons
including four Nepali security guards were killed in a suicide attack this
morning carried out by the Taliban at a company that supplies goods to NATO
troops in Afghanistan.

Though it is not legal for Nepalis to go for
foreign employment in Afghanistan, a significant number of Nepalis are found to
have gone to Afghanistan and Iraq using illegal channels.

Business Standard  July 2, 2013

A Taliban truck bomb and gun attack killed eight people in the Afghan capital Kabul today, destroying the entrance to a NATO supply company’s compound in the latest insurgent assault to shake peace efforts.

Four Nepalese and one Romanian were among those killed in the bombing, which came after a series of recent Taliban suicide attacks targeting the Supreme Court, the airport, the presidency and a CIA office.

The US has been pushing for peace talks as 100,000 NATO combat troops prepare to leave Afghanistan next year and local security forces take on the fight against the Islamist extremists.

“Four Nepalese guards, one Afghan guard and two Afghan civilians have been killed,” Kabul police chief Mohammad Ayoub Salangi told AFP after the attack, which started at about midnight GMT.

A Romanian male civilian contractor was also killed and another wounded in the attack, Adrian Kozjacski, the head of the Romanian diplomatic mission in Afghanistan told AFP.

An AFP photographer saw one badly shaken guard with bloody face wounds and a bandage wrapped around his head being helped from the site outside the compound of the Dubai-based Supreme Group.

The group provides many NATO bases with food, water, fuel and other supplies, as well as maintaining military storage buildings and accommodation and its compound is close to UN offices and a string of NATO bases.

Salangi said the attack began with a suicide bomb in a large truck, and two or three insurgents then fought guards for about 30-40 minutes. All the attackers were killed.

The bomb left a large crater in the ground, and reduced walls and a guard post to a pile of rubble and twisted steel. Police said some suicide vests were later detonated by security forces.

The Taliban claimed today’s attack, as pressure grows on the Afghan government to secure a peace deal with the rebels before international troops pull out by the end of 2014.

“An important foreign logistic and supply facility was attacked, first by an explosive-filled truck which removed all the barriers and followed by devoted mujahideen armed with small and heavy  weapons entering the base,” the Taliban said in a statement.

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