Iraq War Civilian Contractor Casualty Not Counted: Tim Eysselinck

Go tell the Americans

Stranger Passing by

That here

obedient to their laws

I lie

April 23 2004

Ronco Consulting chose to play down the suicide and blame it on his wife and son.  They sent their HR person to our home to make sure that my husband hadn’t grown any body parts back and made sure we got their version of the story right.

The President of Ronco told his widow that he must have had a broken gene.

Ronco and a few employees greatly enabled the DBA Insurance Company CNA in denying his family death benefits by claiming under oath that Tim did not spend time in the field.  Truth is, as Task Leader Tim often had to lead the teams in the field while the responsible party slept off the effects of the night before.eysslinck-on-site

Ronco chose to cover up these breaches of conduct, to include bringing an Iraqi Hooker into the Green Zone Ronco House and the attempted rape of a fellow employee.  Tim was at home when he passed  so they were not able to strip his personal camera and destroy the contents of his personal computer like they did my husbands.

The Eysselincks Attorney who claims to have won more DBA cases than any other attorney lost this one as badly as you can then took money from the widow for doing so. The lies told about Tim went uncountered.

ALJ Kennington easily bought into the lies he was told.

Finally a Texas District Court Judge ruled that it was not dangerous working in Iraq in 2003 and 2004.

Thanks to years of work on the part of Tim’s Widow many others with PTSD have secured the help and DBA benefits that the law intended.  She is responsible for saving many lives despite having the capability to save her own husbands denied her.

You are forever in our thoughts


  Tim Eysselinck Casualty Not Counted


 An anxious unrest, a fierce craving desire for gain has taken possession of the commercial world, and in instances no longer rare the most precious and permanent goods of human life have been madly sacrificed in the interests of momentary enrichment.
- Felix Adler

4 thoughts on “Iraq War Civilian Contractor Casualty Not Counted: Tim Eysselinck

  1. Yes, Ronco’s insurance spy bitch worked hard to discredit Tim and lay the blame for his suicide on his family. Then on the other side of his mouth, gush about new hires with cute accents and cuter tattoos and how we were all “family”.
    It is poetic justice that the employees that were ordered to and did lie while under oath by Ronco for benefit of the insurance company were cast aside when no longer needed. Just like Tim.
    What is hilarious is that the company insurance spy bitch got the same treatment by the new owners!
    RIP Tim. I know it’s little consolation, but karma did pay these jerks back if only in a small way.

  2. The widow of the guy with the cute accent and cuter tattoos won a DBA Death Settlement after he died of a heart attack

  3. Hi there, we spent hours yesterday on and around his grave celebrating his life with friends and telling his daughter just how great a man he was.
    Thank you for remembering. Let me know who the insurance “bitch” was, we have instant justice here.
    Love y’all from Namibia

  4. I just found out what happened to Tim today when reading the TLH Democrat. It was shocking to read. I knew back in 2003 that the Cheney/Bush war on Iraq was bogus and built on lies, I’ve said for years that I don’t know how Bush can live knowing his bogus war caused so much heartache and pain. As intelligent as Tim was, I’m surprised to hear that he bought into it for as long as he did. I knew him personally in high school and I know he was an honorable person, but I never saw the “military” person in him. That must have started after I knew him. He reminded me as more of a poet and a kind person. He must have been so traumatized by his experiences in Iraq that he was unable to help himself. It is a travesty that the US has let private contractors profit at the expense of the welfare of their employees. I am afraid however, that the situation may never change. Everything is about money today. I wish Birgett and her family well. I am at least happy to know that Tim married and had a family, and that he did live a very full life before the end.

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