Losing Tim

Ten Years Ago Today

We lost Tim Eysselinck to PTSD, to RONCO, to the Iraq War, to the lies.

The lies continue to this day despite having been made boldly public.

Due to the corporate takeover at every level of our government the

Government Contract Companies and the DBA Insurance Companies

are afforded a License to Kill

Tim Eysselinck remains an Uncounted Casualty

Please read

Iraq War Civilian Contractor Casualty Not Counted: Tim Eysselinck

Tim’s mother, Janet Burroway, has just published a book

Losing Tim

Losing Tim is a memoir by a mother about a soldier son who killed himself. It’s not an easy read. But it’s a beautiful one. Burroway, a National Book Award nominee, welcomes readers to grieve along with her, while also providing a lens into how soldiers, and military contractors, like her son, are changed by their combat experiences. Jonathan Shay, author of Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character, a highly acclaimed volume on PTSD, and a 2007 MacArthur Foundation Fellow, comments in the foreword, ”To me, the pain recalls Homer’s Iliad, in which, as James Tatum puts it in The Mourner’s Song, ‘the beauty [of the poetry] is in the killing.”’

Our love to you all

Always in our hearts

2 thoughts on “Losing Tim

  1. I admire and respect Birgit Eysselinck for her courage and endurance. She fought for what was right. It was truy obvious that the war had effected her husband. How they could deny her is beyond me. The whole system failed her. The insurance companies attorney’s walked in presented their lies, and the judge accepted it. They have become so comfortable in their corruption that the truth doesn’t matter in their eyes. They have gotten away with it for so long that they think they are untouchable. The Contractors and their families are not just numbers on a piece of paper that fall into catagories listed as percentages. We are all living breathing individuals that have worked hard all our lives, raised our families, paid our taxes, and when a husband , father, or mother takes a job for our Government and goes to work in a war zone, our Government should honor what they tell these contractors before they leave the states. My husband told me before he left that if anything happened to him they had coverage that took care of the families. They didn’t tell him that his wife would have to fight for over five years in court, endure horrible accusations while they try to wear her down mentally with their false accusations. They fight every case! The contractor that comes home wounded, in pain, They try and deny his medical care. The attorney’s for the insurance companies are the ones getting very rich on these cases. They are getting rich on the pain and suffering of our contractors and their families. That’s a fact. What they promised a contractor in Houston before they deployed is a sugar coated version of the truth.

  2. So sorry for your loss Birgit. I still think of you and the ALJ who overstepped your legal rights just to screw you over….they are still at it. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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