Michael Bradford, Civilian Contractor, DynCorp, killed in Afghanistan Convoy Attack

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MichaelBradfordA graduate of Highlands High School was among those killed in a blast in Afghanistan on Thursday, according to a friend of the family.

Michael Bradford was reportedly part of a military convoy which was the target of a suicide bomber in the Afghan capital of Kabul  15 people died in the blast including two U.S. soldier and four American civilian military advisers. It was the deadliest attack to rock the Afghan capital in more than two months.

Bradford was a 2005 graduate of Highlands High School and served in the Army. He was working in Afghanistan as a private contractor.

An Islamic militant group says it carried out the attack in response to reports that the U.S. plans to keep permanent bases and troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

Local 12 is following this developing story and we’ll post new information here as soon as we receive it.

One thought on “Michael Bradford, Civilian Contractor, DynCorp, killed in Afghanistan Convoy Attack

  1. So tragic. Very sad to hear Dyncorp have lost more contractors. Pray thayt Dyncorp and CNA insurance management will do there part and assist those who will miss these heroes the most. Make peace, they are in a much better place than the rest of us who got injured while working for Dyncorp and now we do not only fight the demons of our injuries but also CNA insurance who is trying to make our day to day survival a living hell and a nightmare. God be with you all.

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