At Least 71 Civilian Contractor Deaths in Fourth Quarter of 2012

Please see Civilian Contractor Casualty Count for prior Statistics and Totals


According to the Department of Labor’s Defense Base Act Claim Summary Reports there were at least  71 Civilian Contractor Deaths filed on in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Keep in mind that these numbers are not an accurate accounting of Contractor Casualties as many injuries and deaths are not reported as Defense Base Act Claims. Also, many of these injuries will become deaths due to the Defense Base Act Insurance Companies denial of medical benefits.

Many foreign national and local national contractors and their families are never told that they are covered under the Defense Base Act and so not included in the count.

At least 8 death claims were filed for Iraq

At Least 53 death claims were filed for Afghanistan

At least  2,876 Defense Base Act Claims were filed during this quarter

At least 71 were death claims

At least 1,090 were for injuries requiring longer than 4 days off work

At least 47 were for injuries requiring less than 4 days off work

At least 1,670 were for injuries requiring no time off of work


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