PTSD and TBI, Lifelong impairment due to denials by AIG and CNA

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 23, 2009

PTSD and TBI can be quite debilitating, but the effects can be mitigated by early intervention and prompt effective treatment

Evidence-based practices to prevent PTSD include teaching skills to enhance cognitive fitness and psychological resilience that can reduce the detrimental impact of trauma. In terms of screening, evidence suggests that identifying PTSD and TBI early and quickly referring people to treatment can shorten their suffering and lessen the severity of their functional impairment. Several types of rehabilitative and cognitive therapies, counseling, and medications have shown promise in treating both injuries.

The injured contractor is being denied early intervention and prompt effective treatment of PTSD and TBI by AIG and CNA.

Why is not criminal when the insurance company denies timely diagnoses and treatment which causes the injured contractor life long impairments which could have been mitigated?

Lifelong brain damage that could have been helped is OK with who?

Thanks Marlo for this great link

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