Defense Base Act

The federally mandated insurance program which serves as
Workman' s Compensation for contract employees of US Government funded contracts overseas.
This includes nearly all contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Frequently asked Questions
Is DBA Compensation taxable?
No it is not taxable by the IRS.  We have had the IRS force us to pay them taxes on DBA
payments but they were returned when we filed.

Can AIG or CNA stop making payments?
AIG and CNA can stop making payments on a whim and will never be charged a fine.
Stopping your payments is their favorite way of breaking you the rest of the way.

What happens when they don't send the checks in a timely matter?
Same as above.
Nothing. No fines.

What happens if the insurance company doesn't pay my medical bills?
Nothing happens to them.
You will get harassed by the collection companies and your credit will be adversely effected.

What kind of settlement or disability can I expect?
Don't expect anything.  Wish I had a better answer.
You will get nothing for pain and suffering.
Your lifelong medical  if it ever is awarded to you will be complicated by the Medicare Set Aside,
meaning a huge chunk of any settlement will go back to the Government

What is a stipulation

What is a settlement

What is a medicaid set aside

The company I worked for sent me into a Red Zone unarmed and with no
security although they knew the insurgents had just shot two soldiers and
beheaded them in the same area.
Can I sue them?

No, the DBA takes away your right to expect as safe a workplace as possible by making
it your "Exclusive Remedy"
Go to License to Kill for details